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Elk Antlers

Dogs love chewing on elk antler!
They last for months, don't splinter, and are not greasy nor messy. Dogs gradually wear away on the antler while chewing. The beam pieces come from naturally shed elk antlers.

Benefits of elk antler
• All natural, nothing artificial

• Great source of vitamin and minerals

• Promotes healthy bones and teeth

• Will not Splinter nor chip

• Odor-free and leaves no mess

• Extremely long lasting... weeks if not months!

Elk shed their antlers in the late winter of each year. Our elk beam pieces are cut from antlers found on the ground.

Available in 3 sizes:
Small - approximately 3"-4" for smaller dogs only
Medium - approximately 4"-6"
Large - approximately 6"-8"
X-Large - approximately 8"-10"
Jumbo - approximately 8"-11" 1.5 to 2 times diameter of XL

Size is based on length, thickness and weight. Some antlers sold as "Large" may be shorter than 7" but much thicker and heavier than the "Medium" antler.
Feel free to add a note to let us know if you prefer long, thin antlers or shorter thick antlers pieces.