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The Dean & Tyler DT Harness

What do you want to accomplish with your dog today? Regardless of your goal, you've got to have the right gear for your dog-functionality meets fashion with the all-weather DT Harness. From everyday use such as walking, hiking and dog competitions to strenuous, demanding activities such as police training and emergency rescue, this all-weather, multi-purpose nylon harness is the answer. Boasting the best of both worlds, The DT Harness allows you and your dog to lead the pack with tough-as-nails finesse.

Use this harness for everything from tracking to carting:
- Light weight for hours of comfortable wear

- All-weather, multi-purpose-take your dog anywhere anytime

- Durable and long lasting for a lifetime of use

- Dual-location adjustable straps for optimal flexibility

- 3 quality-welded, heavy-duty stitched D-rings for a wide range of activities

- 2" light-weight snap release buckle for added convenience

- Heavy-duty, stitched handle for absolute control

- Optional light reflector available for added safety

- Available in six sizes

XX Small 18" - 22" girth
X Small 20" - 23" girth
Small 22" - 27" girth
Medium 28" - 34" girth
Large 32" - 42" girth
X Large 34" - 47" girth

Measure the girth of your dog (red on picture).