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Why We're Here

We want to say THANK YOU for making the choice of adopting a rescue or shelter dog. It’s a reason for celebration! A celebration of a life WORTH saving, a new relationship filled with unconditional love and gratitude.

Animals are a huge part of our lives. We care about them. We love them. They are our family. At The Uncommon Hound, we think about them, A LOT. Not just our own pets, but animals in general. We want to make life better for them.

We know what it feels like to bring a new animal into your home. It is TRULY joyful and rewarding… it can also be disruptive and hectic and anxiety producing… the new responsibility, ESPECIALLY in the first few weeks. Part of our mission here is to give you the opportunity to find ways to enhance your relationship with your animal companion. We haven’t randomly picked products based on price, availability, nor profit. We’ve picked items that we have found will make a difference for you and your pet. We’ve selected products that make it easier. We’ve chosen things that have worked really well for us personally, and we’ve reached out to adopters, rescuer friends, and other pet owners like yourself, asking them what worked best for them. We’ve also included many beautiful things because we truly feel that these things make it more pleasant and more fun, and will help build a stronger, more positive relationship between you and your pets.

Your pets may not NEED some the items we’re offering here.. but we honestly believe they DESERVE these things. We also believe that they’ll show appreciation.. ours do! Our redbone Tuli used to* be SOOOO HAPPY when we bring her a new dog bed. She could barely wait for it to touch the floor before she’d jump on and start her 2 or 3 circles before she lied down. She would stay there for hours reveling in her good fortune. We also know that she felt PROUD when she got a new collar.. she’d sit and wiggle with anticipation while we remove the tags, and then she’d prance around like a princess showing off her jewels. We could just tell she felt that way, and it made us feel good, too… It made us feel great.

Those of you that have had a number of years with your pets have been fortunate enough to experience the loyalty of a dog, the willing long-term partnership your cat offers you. You know that “Man’s Best Friend” isn’t just a saying. It’s the truth. We’re here for you and your pets too. We feel that they should be rewarded for their dedicated service. They deserve the very best.

We couldn’t be more excited about the prospects ahead.. We hope you’ll feel the same way.


* Our beautiful Tuli peacefully left this world in November 2014 at the age of 15.